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For over 90 years Wintec has been delivering high quality vocational education to the Waikato region of New Zealand. Recent changes in technology and learner's expectation of the digital world presented the opportunity for Wintec to modernise it's teaching approach. My task was to move Wintec from 'chalk and talk' to a blended mode of learning that mixed online elements with practical classroom experience and traditional classroom time.

Change was driven by establishing champions within each teaching group and supporting these staff closely. Engaging staff early on and taking their feedback onboard was also a key success driver.

Critical during this work was the student experience, focus groups were held with students to ensure we understood their needs and aspirations. These were used to inform and design an experience that included an improved use of technology for teaching staff and student spaces, interacting with online Learning Management systems that were updated to meet the mobility expectations of the students.


  • 90% change adherence across the entire teaching faculty
  • Changes still in place 3 years after project completion
  • Enabling 'anywhere, anytime, any device' learning for students
  • Deployment of new learning management systems, teaching devices and connected spaces
  • Establishment of a pedagogy that continues to be extended today
  • Bringing reluctant senior stakeholders on board and helping them to become advocates
  • Negotiations with Union bodies


  • Ensure that everyone on the leadership team is a subject matter expert in a relevant area, there's no room on a project for administrators only.
  • A clear vision about customer impact is important to ignite change as it helps people see purpose in their work.
  • How technology is adopted by users is just as important as which technology is chosen
  • Dream big and expect great things from great people
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