Setting up a JV in Saudi Arabia

Wintec (New Zealand) and Mondragon (Spain) decided to form a joint venture in Saudi Arabia, the purpose being to establish 3 polytechnic colleges. Collaborating with my Spanish counterparts, we lead our respective teams to turn 3 empty campus sites in rural Saudi Arabia into fully functioning colleges.

This required working closely with the Saudi authorities and local Bedouin communities as well as recruiting an international team of executive, teaching and support staff. Everything had to be designed and organised from the ground up, taking process and technology from our home organisations and adapting them to local conditions and culture.

With the colleges established I then spent time in Qatar and UAE forging new relationships with government and private entities as Wintec looked to establish it's presence in the Middle East. In addition to our Spanish partners we partnered with a Jordanian company to provide in-country logistics and assist us in the cultural navigations required to be successful.


  • Establishment of 3 polytechnic colleges in Saudi Arabia
  • Procurement of 2 accommodation compounds for staff
  • Established a working relationship and project framework with JV partner companies
  • Development of working relationship with NZ Embassy in Riyadh
  • Established a marketing presence of Wintec in Qatar and UAE
  • learnings

  • Offshore work requires significant personal confidence and resilience
  • Never cut corners on key staff, a talented core team is the key to success
  • Focus on end goals, not the sticking to the plan, because nothing ever goes to plan offshore
  • Utilise all the resources available, including NZ Embassy and in country Government assistance where possible as these partners can open doors you can't by yourself.
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