Buying a business and growing

Having looked for a business to purchase and develop, my business partner and I discovered Vo2, a bespoke web company. With a great team and exciting list of existing clients, but no marketing or sales function we embarked on a journey to improve and grow by investing in sales.

As often happens, success comes from a different place than where we initially plan. Rather than continue to grow in a stand-alone fashion, a new group of companies was formed, Vo2 Group, encompassing digital consultancy, IT services and 4 offices throughout the North Island of New Zealand.

In the context of the wider group, Vo2 was able to add increased value to a wider range of customers and stretch its technical wings further than websites.


  • Significant increase in revenue
  • Significant increase in productivity rates
  • App development brought inhouse
  • Design function brought inhouse
  • New medium and large customers onboarded
  • Retention of key customers through transition


  • Leading a team is primarily about unleashing talent in a common direction
  • Leading business indicators are of more practical use than trailing financial indicators
  • Business success is directly related to the amount of time you spend with clients
  • Treat both success and failure with the same levels of contempt, they are rarely a result of you alone
  • Good strategy is validated when you find yourself in the right place at the right time
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